Place in
the Folio Edition
of 1681
Place in the
Complete Works
of 1871
Plain and Clear Proof Against the Blasphemy of John of Leiden 619-631 II:425-440
The Spiritual Resurrection 177-185 I:229-237
Meditation on the Twenty-fifth Psalm 160-176 I:213-228
The New Birth 120-130 I:165-178
The Foundation 1-70 I:11-102
Christian Baptism 393-433 II:189-231
The Reason Why I do not Cease Teaching 435-445 II:233-255
Of the True Christian Faith 71-120 I:103-164
Loving Admonition, on Discipline 631-637 II:441-449
Brief and Clear Confession, to John a' Lasco 517-542 II:325-350
Clear Account on Excommunication 337-350 II:120-137
Confession of the Triune God 388-391 II:179-188
Questions and Answers, on Discipline 473-478 II:276-281
Confession Concerning Justification, etc. 457-473 II:257-276
Brief Defense to all Theologians 331-336 II:115-120
Humble Supplication to all Magistrates 325-330 II:107-114
Defense and Reply Concerning False Accusations 491-516 II:297-323
The Cross of Christ 133-150 I:179-212
Reply to Gellius Faber 225-324 II:1-105
Confession, on the Incarnation of Christ (Reply to a' Lasco 351-382 II:139-177
Reply to Martin Micron 543-618 II:351-424
Duties Toward Children 215-222 I:269-276
Instruction on the Excommunication 185-214 I:239-268
Answer to Sielis and Lemeke 479-490 II:283-295


To the Melchiorites at Amsterdam, folio edition of Menno's works, 637-640; English works, I:277-280.

To the Brethren in Amsterdam, folio edition, 641-642; English works, I:281-282.

To the Brethren at Franeker in Friesland, Bib. Ref. Neerl., 7:444- 447; English works, I:283-284.

To the Brethren at Embden in East Friesland, Bib. Ref. Neerl., 7:448-450; English works, I:284-285.

To the Brethren in the Waterland, folio edition, 392; English works, II:232.

To Margaret Edes, folio edition, 434; English works, II:401-402.

To the wife of Leonard Bouwens, folio edition, 455-456; English works, II:449-451.

To the Brethren in Prussia. Complete works of Menno Simons, German, Elkhart, Indiana, 1881; II:652-656.

To David Joris. Nederl. Archief voor K. Geschiedenis, vol. 5, 1845, pp. 73-77. Zeitschr. f. hist. Theol., 1863, pp. 143-146.

On Church Discipline. Doopsgez. Bijdragen, 1894, pp. 62-69.

To an afflicted widow, folio edition, 336; English works, II:113.

A collection of various books of Menno Simons was printed in 1600 and 1601 at Hoorn in Holland. His works (not complete) were for the first time printed in 1646. The large Folio Edition of Menno Simons' Complete Works was published at Amsterdam in 1681 by H. J. Herrison. In the English language The Complete Works of Menno Simons appeared in 1871 at Elkhart, Indiana, and in 1876-1881 the works were printed at the same place in the German language. (1) A critical edition of Menno's writings is in preparation in Holland.

(1) The repeated assertion that the translators and printers of Menno Simons' Works have changed and perverted certain sentences in his writings and "have given spurious copies of his works to the world" is without any foundation whatever. A comparison with the original editions shows that the sentences in question have been accurately reprinted in the later editions and correctly rendered in the English Works.

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